Size and Fit


Use the guide and sizing chart below to determine your size. If you have any questions, or are in in-between sizes please contact us for a sizing recommendation.


Sizing varies between all the different compression garment brands. For best results, measure and confirm size when trying a new brand.

How to Measure - Arms

To get the most accurate measurements it is best to have a therapist, professional fitter or friend measure your hand and arm for you. First, relax and bend your arm slightly in the elbow. Your arm should not be completely straight, nor fully bent. With each measurement, pull the tape around your arm to the point of gentle tension. For size precision, we recommend to measure using centimeters.

Index Finger: Let your fingers relax, measure the circumference of the knuckle on your index finger.

Palm: Measure the top of your palm, just under your knuckles.

Wrist: On your wrist, measure over the little bone on the outside.

Forearm: Measure the fullest part of your forearm.

Bicep: Measure the fullest part halfway between your elbow and your armpit. If you have any extra skin here, gather it together as much as possible. You should hold the tape a bit tighter here so that all your skin is encircled evenly.  

Length: Measure your arm length from approximately 2 finger widths (~1" / 2.5 cm) below your armpit at the top of your arm to where your wrist meets your hand.


How to Measure - Legs

For best results, have a friend help you take these measurements in the standing position. Measure the ankle circumference, the calf circumference (just below your knee), and the leg length from below your knee to where your foot meets the floor.