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How to Adjust Finger Length on the Glove


When you first put on the glove, you may think “Holy moly, these fingers are so long!” But have no fear, we have a remedy for this. When you put on the glove the 360 degree stretch in the fabric spreads over the entire length of your fingers. You can simply adjust each of the fingers by gently pulling each glove finger opening down to your nail bed, or wherever you find them to be comfortable within a few centimeters of the nail bed, leaving your fingertips exposed. As you begin to use your fingers, the fabric will naturally conform to your finger shape and fall into place. It may seem strange at first, but after taking on and off over a hundred gloves on our survivor/lymphie model for the glove photoshoot, it starts to feel like second nature and you won’t even notice yourself doing it. If you feel like your glove fingers are getting longer, please wash your glove in accordance to our care instructions, putting the glove in the dryer will shrink the elastic fibers back into place.

See our donning video for more information:

November 6, 2015