The Difference is Comfort

Designed by two women with lymphedema, we offer a medical graduated compression garment made for physical and emotional comfort.

Our Story

Designed for You

It was the goal of our late founder to create compression garments that patients actually wanted to wear by treating their sleeves as a funky accessory, feeling empowered to manage their lymphedema and lymphedema risk with style, grace, and confidence. That’s why we create all our garments to order using only our exclusive in-house designs.

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Why LympheDIVAS?


Seamless means no irritation and binding caused by seam friction


Smooth, silky, and breathable garments are cool and comfortable to wear all day


Moisture wicking and quick drying knit for ultimate comfort and temperature control

4-Way Stretch

360° stretch is designed to move when you move, allowing for limitless comfort

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