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There is No "Regular" Size


Each hand and arm is different, there is no Regular sizing when it comes to compression sleeves. For that reason this past month we have eliminated our "Regular" arm length name and have renamed it "Long". After running reports we have found that more than 50% of our customers were better fit for our Short length sleeves but many of them initially purchase the Regular length. We didn't want anyone to be suffering with an ill fitting sleeve they have to pull up or roll to feel comfortable in. We wanted to make sure each and every one of our customers was buying a sleeve that would be the optimal fit for their arm, so by renaming the Regular length to Long, we hope that it will encourage our customers to actually measure their arm and determine whether they need a Short or Long sleeve. Neither of those names implies that you have T-rex arms (Short) and Octopus tentacles (Long), all it means is that a slightly shorter or a slightly longer garment would be the most comfortable fit for you, we could have just as easily named these Length Option A and Length Option B, but that would probably be even more confusing.

To determine if the Short or the Long is the best fit for you, simply measure from your wrist to the top of the arm near your armpit, where the top of your sleeve would fall.

Short: 37-44cm

Long: 43-56cm

If you were comfortably wearing our Regular length before, simply choose Long, it is the exact same sleeve and length.

If you've tried our Regular and it was a bit too long, give our Short a chance, it's only a few inches shorter and may be just right for you!

If your measurement falls into that weird area in between sizes (43-44cm) our recommendation would be to try the Short first.

If you have any questions about sizing or need any help please give us a call at 866-411-3482


November 6, 2015


By munsonmarsha on
I have been happily wearing Lymphediva sleeves and gauntlets for the last 10 years. I am not a fan of the newly designed gauntlets. While I applaud the no-seam thumb, I find the new shape is not as compressive around the base of the thumb where I need compression, and I really do not like the new cuff. The old style made a much better connection with the sleeve, and held it in place better to prevent a gap. My lymphedema flare-ups usually occur on the back of my hand, around the base of my thumb and around my wrist. The old-style cuff worked much better for me.