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Lymphedema Resources

Lymphedema Resources

In honor of lymphedema awareness month, we created a roundup of the best lymphedema resources including topics in education, lymphedema after cancer, blogs, self-management tips, community support and many others. We’re expanding and building on these resources as more are available, so bookmark this post. If you have any suggestions on source to add please contact us.


National Lymphedema Network General information for patients and healthcare providers on primary and secondary lymphedema featuring LymphLink articles,position paperscase studies and patient guides

National Cancer Institutes: Lymphedema: General information, managing lymphedema, treatment options, current clinical trials

Mayo Clinic: Lymphedema Definition, symptoms, causes, treatment, support

Vascular Disease Foundation: Lymphedema (PDF) Definition, causes, symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis, treatment

Lymphatic Education & Research Network Education, research and advocacy

Cleveland Clinic: Lymphedema Definition, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, general guidelines for patients with lymphedema

The Lymphoedema Support Network (UK) Represents, supports and empowers people affected by lymphoedema

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: Day to Day Coping with Lymphedema(Video series) understanding the lymphatic system, lymphedema causes, lymphedema and cancer treatment, skin care in reducing risk, exercise, diet, air travel, stress


Lymphedema After Breast Cancer

WebMD: Lymphedema After Breast Cancer General information, risk reduction, signs & symptoms

American Cancer Society: Lymphedema: What Every Women with Breast Cancer Should Know General information, signs of lymphedema, swelling after surgery or radiation, risk reduction practices for those at risk and those who have lymphedema

Susan G. Komen: Lymphedema Definition, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, exercise, risk reduction, axillary dissection, sentinel node biopsy, breast reconstruction and lymphedema

BreastCancer.Org: Lymphedema Definition, signs and symptoms, when and where lymphedema can occur, risk factors, risk reduction, exercise, infection, evaluation and diagnosis, treatment, finding a therapist

Step Up, Speak Out! advocacy, support and resources

National Lymphedema Network Position Paper: Screening and Measurement for Early Detection of Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema

Lymphedema After Breast Cancer: (YouTube) by Beth Erhardt, OTR, John Hopkins Medicine

Lymphedema: Breast Cancer: (YouTube) by Peg Maas, PT, Swedish Medical Center


Lymphedema After Cancer

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute: How to Prevent and Manage LymphedemaDefinition, risk reduction, management

American Society of Clinical Oncology: Buildup of Fluid or LymphedemaSymptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment

Livestrong Foundation: Lymphedema Symptoms, risk reduction, treatment options

OncoLink Lymphedema: What You Need to Know Basics, understanding and decreasing risk, complete decongestive therapy, exercise, compression garments and bandaging, travel



National Institutes of Health: Lymphedema (Also in Spanish) Taking good care of your skin; protecting skin from injuries, taking care of your feet, taking care of cuts and scratches, taking care of burns, when to call the doctor

National Lymphedema Network Position Paper: Risk Reduction Practices

Do’s and Don’ts for Lymphedema of the Arm

Lymphedema Risk Reduction Tips



Lymphedema Blog


Lymphedema Girl: My Life with Primary Lymphedema

My Lymph Node Transfer

Lymphedema Mavens

Little Miss Lucia’s Lymphoedema Life



Lymphedema Treatment Act (HR 3877) this proposed bill will improve coverage for the treatment of lymphedema from any cause



Lymphedema Community a social network for patients, therapists, physicians and industry professionals

BreastCancer.org Discussion Boards: Lymphedema Risks, tips for prevention and info about products that can address the symptoms of lymphedema

LymphNotes.com Forums an online community to discuss lymphedema questions both physical and emotional

Lymphedema People A site for people with lymphedema, made by people with lymphedema.



National Lymphedema Network Position Paper: Exercise

Memorial Sloan-Kettering: (YouTube) Exercise and Lymphedema Risk Reduction

Exercise for Lymphedema by Molly Nettles, OTR/L, CLT-LANA, STAR/C, Director of Lymphedema Services at Georgia Regents Health System

Upper Extremity Lymphedema Home Program (YouTube) by Michigan State University Rehabilitation

LymphNotes Lymphedema Exercise Tips

March 1, 2014