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DIVA Testimonial: Amy Bryant



I am a Walking LympheDIVAs Advertisement

By Amy Bryant

Last September, at 74 years of age, I came down with lymphedema resulting from cancer surgery.  Forced to wrap my arm in a hideous set of bandages, and I was constantly stopped by friends and strangers with words of pity, and detailed questions about my condition.


A few weeks into lyphedema therapy, the specialist recommended Lymphediva, and my life changed for the better.  Now when people stop me it’s to say, “Oh, your sleeve is gorgeous!” “Oh, I though you had a tattoo, how cool.” Even people without lymphedema tell me, “I want one of those, where did you get it?” 

 Here are but three examples of my many encounters with strangers: 

- Just last week, a young woman ran up to me at a street faire and said, “I have lymphedema, where did you get that beautiful sleeve?”

- A week ago I was in Publix supermarket at the food tasting counter and two women struck up a conversation with me admiring my sleeve.  As it turned out, they each worked in separate cancer centers, and wanted to know where I got my sleeve, so they could tell their patients.

- And most unusual of all – There’s a street musician who shows up at all the music festivals within a fifteen mile radius.  I stopped to put money in his cup and he said, “I like your sleeve.  I need a nice one like that.”  I told him that I heard your company just came out with a men’s line, and where to purchase one.

I now own three sleeves.  I literally get stopped every day with compliments about your products.

I’ve attached the before and after pictures of my arm. Lymphediva has turned me from an object of pity to a major fashion statement.  I tell people, “My motto is, if you’re going to have cancer, do it in style.”
April 6, 2015


By Jimmie Arden McClune (not verified) on
I frequently received compliments about my lymphediva sleeves. Having garments that are attractive as well as comfortable makes this part of my breast cancer journey much easier.
By Gisela (not verified) on
Fabulous! So Amy!!
By Patricia Adams (not verified) on
Too cool!
By Ruth (not verified) on
I love your story! I hope to get those kind of great comments too. I certainly get the comments like you used to with my current arm wrap. Best of luck to you!